Friday, July 15, 2011

Apron Strings ~

Raise your hand if you like aprons.

I am a big fan of looking at aprons but I really have never worn one. However, I have been baking a LOT this past year and it would really benefit me to wear one. When I get done making/decorating a cake, I usually have powdered sugar everywhere. So I started searching around for aprons I thought would do the trick. 

Who knew there were so many different styles of aprons?!?!

I found some that I thought you might like to see.

This is the "Totally Cute Apron" and I agree, it is SO cute! I probably like it so much because it has my favorite color combination of the moment all over it.

I also like this dishtowel apron because it covers more of the subject. This is exactly the part of me that gets all sugary when I'm making cakes! I also love the ric-rac and the polka-dot ribbons. Don't polka dots just do something to you? They make me feel all... cute.

The next one is also one of my favorites for totally different reasons. 1) I like repurposing things, 2) This one is not for baking but for working on things around the house, and most importantly, 3) it is super cute! Don't be fooled, this apron has a huge pocket that goes all the way down behind those other 2 jeans pockets. Nifty, huh? Go take a look at THIS blog for a tutorial on how to make a jeans tool apron of your own.

Ok, this last one could possibly be my favorite too. Can you have 2 favorites of something? Anyways, I think you may have to wear high-heels and pearls while you cook in this one. It is a pattern from 1951 but I could totally see myself wearing it!

Thanks to all those folks out there with these amazing apron tutorials. There are so many more if I had time to share them all. I am going to start wearing one. Soon. Just gotta figure out which one to make first!

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