About Me

This is me.  

My name is Jennifer. I also go by Jenn (friends), Esmeralda (mother), Darlin' (brother), JennyKay (father), Jenny (rest of my family), JD (friend), and a few others.

 I live in Cowtown, Texas. That's Fort Worth to those who are are wondering where the heck Cowtown is.

I don't wear boots but many in my family do, we try to carry on the redneck legacy ;)

I love to make things, whether it is something edible, wearable, or just plain cute. However, I haven't spent a lot of time displaying that part of me because, honestly, I've been too busy with other stuff. Well, now it's time to shift gears.

I work full-time in the admissions department at a huge hospital. I've done most all of it - ER, surgery, physical therapy, and now I am settled in outpatient radiology. I have gotten to know some of my patients on a first-name basis and some of them just stop by to see me when they happen to be in the area. No kidding!

I am also going to school to be a nurse. Yeah, I just can't get enough of the hospital!!

I also work part-time for a business consultant - filing, reconciling accounts, and whatever else he asks.

And ALSO, (I know, what else could there possibly be?) I make custom cakes. My next project is to set up a website to display them. You will probably see some of them here too, especially if they are unique enough.

I am very generous, I love to give to other, help people out, share my time.

I love to write, whether it is an email or a short story, which is probably why I have this blog and another one called Daughter of the King.

I have a snarky little Boston Terrier named Tug. Here he is. I don't normally put clothes on him but he was having some private issues >.<

Last but not least, I am waiting on the right man to come along and sweep me off my feet so I can start this post over with, "I am a wife and mom of 2 beautiful children."